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The Launch Lab’s state-of-the-art career preparation, exploration, and launch programs provide an immersive career readiness experience that can’t be duplicated on any college campus. Through boot camps, workshops, internships and more, students gain hands-on experience in corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. They build connections with top business, civic and entrepreneurial mentors, giving them an advanced degree of exposure to and preparation for emerging career paths. And, it all happens in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the fastest growing metropolitan area in the Midwest. Columbus leads the way in job, population, and GDP growth and is home to some of the world’s most recognizable brands, groundbreaking start-ups and cutting-edge research facilities.

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Denison University is one of the nation’s top liberal arts institutions but is in a league of its own when it comes to preparing students for successful careers and rewarding lives. Denison’s pragmatic approach to the liberal arts bridges students from academics to the work world starting from their first year on campus. Denison’s innovative academic programs are deeply rooted in the liberal arts and provide students with practical, real-world application through in-class, co-curricular, and internship experiences. Because of this, Denison students graduate with an unusually high degree of exposure to and preparation for existing and emerging career paths.



The Launch Lab is an extension of the Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, Denison’s award-winning on-campus career center. Knowlton Center staff are career counseling experts who coach students both one-on-one and through small-group workshops. They facilitate internships, and provide job search/hunt resources, graduate school counseling, and close knowledge gaps with profession-specific skills development. The Knowlton Center’s innovative and ever-evolving suite of programs prepares students for lives and careers, and connects them to Denison’s extensive alumni, parent, and employer network for mentoring, internships and job placement.

With the extension of the Denison Launch Lab, students can have a more immersive career preparation experience that seamlessly blends exceptional academics, co-curricular learning and innovative career support provided on campus with real-world, intensive skill building experiences in downtown Columbus.

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Get the Edge

Summer Accelerator 2021

This summer take control of your career. A specially curated suite of programs will sharpen your thinking, build your skills, and forge the experiences and connections that will give you the edge.


The Denison Launch Lab is funded by a grant from The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation. The Foundation was formed in 1981 by Austin E. "Dutch" Knowlton and Charles D. Lindberg to support colleges and universities in the American Midwest and is today a large and activist philanthropic partner to dozens of schools. The Knowlton Foundation also provided the grant to launch, and is the namesake of, Denison’s Knowlton Center for Career Exploration.


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If you’re a liberal arts student, the Denison Launch Lab can help accelerate your transition from academic to career success. Let us know what you're interested and we'll send more information about our programming.